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FMF Class Action Settlement



Deloitte was appointed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and the Québec Superior Court of Justice as the Claims Administrator of the FMF Capital Group Ltd. Securities Class Action Settlement.

Class action lawsuits were initiated by the plaintiffs alleging that the defendants disseminated a prospectus and other information containing various misrepresentations to persons who purchased FMF's IPSs and, in the Michigan Court, that the Transferee Defendants were unjustly enriched by the actions of some or all of the Defendants.

All persons who: purchased Income Participating Securities of FMF Capital Group in FMF's March 2005 initial public offering and/or purchased the FMF's IPSs over the Toronto Stock Exchange during the period from and including March 24, 2005 to and including November 15, 2005 were members of the class.

The deadline to submit claims has expired and the settlement administration has been concluded.