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Canadian Vitamins Price Fixing National Settlements

Deloitte was appointed by the courts as Administrator of the settlement and oversaw the distribution of the settlement monies.

Class action lawsuits were commenced in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec against Akzo, Aventis, BASF, Bioproducts, Chinook, Daiichi, Degussa, DuCoa, Eisai, Lonza, Merck, Mitsui, Nepera, Nippon, Novus, Reilly, Rhône-Poulenc, Roche, Roussel, Sumitomo, Takeda, Tanabe and UCB and some of their subsidiary and/or affiliated companies and/or officers and directors alleging that they had conspired to fix prices and markets for vitamins.

National Vitamins settlements were reached with select defendants. All persons in Canada who purchased any of the vitamins, or products containing the vitamins, or products derived from animals that consumed the vitamins in Canada during the relevant purchase periods, were covered under the terms of the settlement.

The deadline to submit claims has expired and the settlement administration has been concluded.